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The Fairhaven Foundation
Helping Christadelphian
seniors & those in need

About Us

The Fairhaven Christadelphian Charitable Foundation was formed in 1985 following the sale of Fairhaven House -- a retirement residence in Toronto that had provided a Christ centered environment for Christadelphian seniors since 1957. The proceeds from the sale of the building were used to fund the Foundation.

The Foundation's principal mandate is to provide assistance for Canadian Christadelphian seniors who may need help in obtaining suitable accommodation or other related health and welfare issues. An associated mandate is to assist other Canadian Christadelphians who may be in need of financial help. Assistance is provided in conjunction with their ecclesia.

Terms of reference.


Latest Newsletter
Winter 2016

Included in this issue of The Fair Havens:

  1. Care for refugees
  2. Notes of thanks
  3. Terms of reference
  4. An appeal
  5. Is your ecclesial hall senior accessible?